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NO.18 04.23.2012

Kyung Hee Selected for the Higher Education Capacity-Building Program for Five Consecutive Years

Rated “Outstanding University” for three years for administration of creative education capacity-building program.

Kyung Hee Unversity has been recently selected to conduct the Higher Education Capacity-Building Program for its fifth consecutive year. Having received 2,293,000,000 won in government funding, Kyung Hee University plans to strengthen its capabilities for creative education by conducting a variety of programs to enhance its major and elective courses and to directly cultivate self-directed learning abilities within its students. The funding will be used to support seven programs: undergraduate scholarships, individualized career counseling, the OPEN CLASS program, open English lectures and learning portfolios, a reading culture program, the Arte Learning Community at Humanitas College, and the Global Collaborative Abroad Program.


Rated “Outstanding University” for Three Years for the Administration of Its Creative Education Capacity-Building Program
The Higher Education Capacity-Building Program is intended to strengthen the autonomous educational capacity of universities through support in the form of funding to help allocate resources according to their own development plans. Universities to receive support are nominated through a formula involving key factors in university development. The selection process consists of a quantitative analysis of major indices of scholarship and educational conditions such as employment rates, retention rates, faculty ratios, academic affairs and curriculum management, scholarship disbursements, investment in student learning, and tuition maintenance. This year, 97 of 143 total applicant universities were selected in nine categories. Compared to other university evaluations, Kyung Hee University’s showed high and evenly balanced scores in each index with particular excellence in scholarship disbursements and tuition maintenance.

Kyung Hee University has been selected in the Higher Education Capacity-Building Program each year since its conception in 2008, receiving a total of 14,309,000,000 Won during those five years. As the result of an improvement educational capacity through diverse and creative programs such as internships, international exchange, career counseling programs, the Lion and Global Tutoring programs, the Immersion Residential Program, the Pride & Honor Program, Global Collaborative, and Kyung Hee OER (Open Educational Resources), Kyung Hee University was chosen as one of the program’s most outstanding universities for three years. In both 2009 and 2010, Kyung Hee was awarded 260,000,000 Won and 210,000,000 Won, respectively, for excellent program outcomes and exceptional program operation consulting. In 2011, it again received 91,000,000 Won for excellent program outcomes.

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